Rules and Policies in the Gymnasium


1. Parents and friends are not permitted to stay in the gym. It is also important to leave the entrance area free.

2. Boots and shoes must be taken off and left on the carpets installed for this purpose before entering the gym.

3. It is advised to check your e-mails regularly as we send important documents and information via e-mail.

4. Water bottles are permitted in the gymnasium and must be retrieved at the end of every class. No glass is allowed in the gym. Please be advised that we do not have a water fountain, therefore it is important to bring a water bottle to each class.

5. We do not allow snacks that contain nuts or peanuts due to allergies.

6. The coaches area in the back is off limits to parents and gymnasts.

7. All jewlery must be removed before starting the class. Socks must also be removed before class has started. The gymnasts hair must be up (pony tail, bun) in order to participate.

8. If your child wears glasses, they must have a cord to secure the glasses from falling off.

9. We encourage a positive form of speaking and do not tolerate inappropriate words and fighting. Zero violence is tolerated, therefore if violent behavior is displayed, parents will be called and the gymnast will be asked to leave the gym.

10. Gymsplit is not responsible for lost or stolen objects.